How to Give Great Feedback

A Guide on how to Provide the Best Feedback

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For the majority of Testers, giving feedback is a brand-new experience!

Imagine you're playing a game and a friend comes up and asks ‘What are you doing?’.

You’d probably say what game you’re playing, what you’re doing in the game and how you feel playing it! This is exactly what you’d need to do to give 5* feedback.

Here are a few tips to help you feel comfortable giving feedback:

  • Pay attention to your tasks/objectives (if applicable) - they’ll help guide you on what to talk about and it's always important to refer to each of them!

  • Describe your emotions as you play - are you enjoying the game, is it confusing or frustrating you, or just plain bored? What is making you feel these emotions - is it the music, controls or story, etc?

  • Explore the game and menus - is there anything you like or dislike?

  • Be honest in your feedback! Always say how you *really* feel!

  • Can you find any bugs or does anything feel ‘off’ or broken in the game? 

  • What would make the game better for you? 

  • Play for the full duration of the session, if you quit early, you're submission may not be accepted.

  • Lastly, sum up your final thoughts before you end your session and complete the survey (if applicable).

Ensure you are set up correctly:

  • Please ensure that you have followed all the steps detailed in the setup, including the Do not Disturb option on your device.

  • Please ensure you do not mute your microphone whilst you are playing, as this will reduce your overall score or you will get rejected from the playtest.


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