What is Contribute?

Our Apps, How they are Used, and What to Expect

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Contribute is the name of our Recorder; it is a multiplatform playtesting app developed to assist our customers worldwide in viewing/watching testers participate in playtests and to allow an analysis of feedback provided during each session.

Currently, Contribute is used on Android and PC.

This enables customers to make critical decisions for their business based on real user feedback. Contribute is a secure and simple way to provide feedback to make their apps, games & websites more impressive!

How a Tester Uses Contribute


Contribute on Android works by two methods, on its own as a separate app and packaged with a game.

When used as a separate app, it records the Tester's screen and vocal feedback and directs the Tester to a specific link when beginning a session.

This could be a Game on the Play Store, a Website, or something else, which requires feedback from the Tester. It's important to note that this will record until the Tester stops the recording, so anything on the screen will be captured.

If the app is packaged with a game, it will download titled as the game, and before playing, it will be set up to record the gameplay and feedback only while in that app.

This recorded footage will be watched after the test by the customer, who analyses the feedback to enable them to make important decisions about their product.


After clicking your participation link to a test, Contribute is downloaded and installed to participate on PC.

For PC tests, the game may be accessed in 1 of 3 ways, a Steam key, a Stand Alone Build that will need to be downloaded and finally, a direct Web URL link.

After proceeding through set- up, keep in mind if you have multiple monitors, you can select which screen you would like to be recorded; you can also Pause, Resume and Finish your session at any time.

Make sure to mute any notifications before starting your session.

After the test is complete, you are welcome to uninstall our recorder.

Please note: If you finish your session too early, you may not receive your reward.

If you have any questions or would like to chat with someone, feel free to reach out to us via the chat function at the bottom right of this page or via support@gotestify.com.

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