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Help and Advice for Taking Part in PC Playtests

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Please find below our most commonly asked questions around PC testing. If there is anything missing, or you can't find an answer, let us know by reaching out via the little bubble in the bottom right of this screen or email us at: support@gotestify.com we'll be glad to help!

I've taken part in a previous test, do I need to uninstall/reinstall Contribute?

  • We typically recommend a fresh installation each time you are taking part in a test, as we very regularly update our apps.

  • The app should update automatically, but please do install it when downloaded before you start a test to be sure!

I can't install Contribute (the PC recorder)!

  • Check your antivirus isn't blocking the installation and select allow if prompted via your antivirus.

  • Check you have space on your PC to install Contribute ( < 250MB )

  • It's unresponsive when doing the 'Updating' stage. We would recommend deleting Contribute and go back through the playtest invite and re-download the recorder by following the steps provided and click Launch Test.

I can't install the game to take part!

  • Check your antivirus isn't blocking the installation and allow if prompted.

  • Check you have space on your PC to install the game you are testing.

  • If it is a Steam playtest, please make sure you follow the instructions carefully provided via Contribute, step by step.

It says the test is closed?

  • If you are taking part in multiple PC tests at the same time you will need to use the "launch test" button via your test invite to access the current test.

  • If you have taken part in a previous playtest with Go Testify you may need to update Contribute. (As explained in "I can't install Contribute" above)

  • The playtest is closed due to the playtest reaching its maximum amount of Testers.

The game is running slow/crashing?

  • Please ensure you are using a PC that meets the minimum recommendation/specification required (as communicated in the playtest survey before being applicable to take part).

  • If you are taking part in a Steam playtest, please ensure you follow the instructions carefully provided via Contribute, step by step. Otherwise, you may be playing the wrong version of the game and experience issues, it could be a different build in the BETA branch section.

  • Please also note that you will likely be playing unreleased versions of games, so there may be bugs!

The title of the playtest is different to what I was expecting!

  • If you had the Contribute installed previously, it will open the last test you participated in.

  • To resolve this, close the recorder, then, please ensure you click the "Launch Test" button from your browser (After following the invitation link).

Help, I'm having some Audio Issues!

  • When setting up Contribute, you will be asked to do an Audio Check, make sure your headphones and mic is plugged in for this and throughout your session.

  • Due to demand, we have added an audio bar to the main "recording" section.

  • This means that at any point while taking part in a test, you will be able to see your mic in action, and should prevent any audio issues or catch them as early as possible!

  • If you do notice that your microphone has stopped during a test, please complete the following;

  1. Pause the recording

  2. Close our recorder

  3. Disconnect the device

  4. Reconnect it.

  5. Then restart the recorder and go through the setup.

  • This should allow you to continue the playtest.

How do Live Events work with Go Testify?

  • Occasionally, we will run live events, usually for a multiplayer test, that will necessitate downloading the game during the event. Some key factors to note here;

    • Downloading the game will be accounted for in the total event time.

    • The usual reason for not being able to download before the event is for security purposes. We sometimes cannot allow access until the event itself.

    • Because of this, it's important to follow instructions due to the timings of events, so please come prepared!

  • Providing feedback during live events works a little differently, especially in a multiplayer setting.

    • Usually, we'll advise that you can talk freely with your fellow testers, but please remember to comment on how aspects of the game make you feel;

      • Example: "I like this because of X"

      • This is taken into account when reviewing your feedback, so don't worry about being removed from a test due to insufficient feedback; we ask that you try to remember to give some context regarding your discussions with your co-testers.

Can I use other software alongside Contribute? / Will other Software interfere with Contribute?

  • Sometimes we'll ask you to use other software alongside our recorder. We'll advise you of this ahead of any planned playtest.

  • Most often, this will be Discord. If you're unfamiliar with it;

    • Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform. Users have the ability to communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called "servers".

    • We will invite you to our server, so if you need to, you can download, sign up and learn more about Discord from here - https://discord.com/

    • You will be able to use Discord alongside our recorder. It will not interfere with your feedback.

    • Discord have a great FAQ here - https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045138571-Beginner-s-Guide-to-Discord - which should answer most additional questions you may have regarding the app.

  • We would advise shutting down any other software unless we have specified that you can use it. This is mainly from an information perspective. (We wouldn't want you to get a notification for something private while recording!)

  • NOTE - Contribute will record everything on the selected screen, so if there is anything you don't want us to see - Close it down or move it!

What is a Beta version?

  • A Beta version is a version of the game/software that is different or specifically used for testing.

  • Please pay close attention to the instructions the recorder provides.

  • If it mentions a Beta version, this is required for your sessions to be valid. Please do not skip this step in any way.

    • If you're unsure how to do this after the instructions, please contact a member of our support team, who will be happy to assist.

    • If these instructions are mentioned, but you are having difficulty accessing the beta version, do not start a session until you have spoken with a member of the Go Testify team.

    • If you do play any version of the game without the Beta Version active (when required), you may invalidate your session and may forfeit your reward as a result.

If I force close Contribute when I have a paused session, will my session be lost?

  • No, all you need to do is open the recorder again and it should allow you to resume as if you hadn't closed the App.

  • If you have difficulties with this, please let us know via the methods below.

Will I be notified if my streaming is interrupted at all?

  • Yes, if you have any kind of Audio, Screen, or Network issue, Contribute will alert you via an audio notification.

  • If this is the case, please read the message that appears, and look to try to rectify the issue as described.

  • If you are unsure, please contact us via the methods below!

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