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How to Share Tests to get your Team to the Content that Matters

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You may already be familiar with sharing your test through our handy Share Links, however, we've released a new update to these processes which should allow you a new level of control over who sees what, and for how long!

How to Invite Someone to View your Test

When you click the share option anywhere on the site, you'll see a new window appear with several options, there is a new feature here, Guest Account.

Guest Account

Under the Guest Account title, all you need to do is put their email address in, and click the invite button.

An email will then be sent asking the recipient to either Create a password to Sign in with, or Sign in on an pre-existing Guest Account (if they have been invited to a test like this before), and once they do this, they'll be able to access the test!

Some Points to remember around these types of accounts

  • A guest user will be able to do everything that a normal user can do except invite more guests.

  • The link in their email will take them to either log in to view their dashboard (where they will see your test) or to the password creation section for a new account.

  • Guest accounts can log in via our site at any time, and will only see tests they have been invited to.

You can also use the Guest Accounts button (on the right, below the Invite button) to manage your collaborators. You can review current accounts, revoke access, and resend invites if required too!

We hope you find the new Sharing Tests feature helpful, and as ever, if you have any questions, contact, or click the bubble at the bottom right of the page and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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