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How to Take Part in a VR Playtest
How to Take Part in a VR Playtest

You've been invited to a VR test and are unsure how to get started? Don't worry; we've got you covered.

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We've built this guide to help you take part in VR testing; please read through it, and if you need clarification, reach out with any questions via the little bubble in the bottom right of this screen or email us at: We'll be glad to help!

Step 1 - Accessing the game

  • When taking part in a VR Test, you will usually receive an email from Meta Quest.

  • Note: if you haven't received this, please check the following;

    • Check Spam or Filtered inboxes

    • Ensure you're checking the email address registered with your Meta Account

    • Check your Meta account settings and ensure email communication is allowed.

It should look like this!

  • Open it, and click the link at the bottom of the email to accept access to the game.

  • You may need to log into your Meta account on your browser if not already.

  • After accepting, the game is automatically added to the Preview Apps list on your Oculus account/VR headset menu.

    • If you're unsure how to access this list, you can click on;

      • Orders,

      • Then Scroll down;

      • Preview Apps will be an option on the left menu.

The game will appear here!

Step 2 - Installing and Setting up Contribute (The Testify Recorder)

  • You will be sent a link when approved for a test; this is to enable you to download Contribute and set up for the test. When you get this, click it.

  • Follow the steps until you reach the point of downloading Contribute, and registering if you need to.

  • Download and install, then click that you have done so.

  • Click the launch button to begin the test process; contribute will change and may ask you to sign in; please do so or enter your details and follow the steps as displayed.

  • Ensure you have your audio device (headphones/Bluetooth) connected, and check it is working during the setup.

  • Note: You may have the option to select from several devices here - Pick the one that works best for your setup and sounds best during the audio check - If you've got a mic at your PC, don't go too far from it with your VR headset on!

  • Continue with the setup until you reach the stage where you can select a screen, then move to the next step.

Move onto the next step when you see this!

Step 3 - Downloading and Installing the Game

  • Put your VR headset on and power it up.

  • From the main menu, select Apps (The icon is usually on the bottom right of your toolbar at the bottom of your Interface)

  • At the top right, change the list to display "Apps not installed"

  • Click on the game for this test and begin installing it.

As shown here!

  • Do NOT start the game just yet; we'll you need to start the recording first.

  • Remove your VR headset once the game has been installed

  • Move on to the next step

Step 4 - Cast your VR to your PC Screen

  • Click this screencast link

  • Follow the instructions on this browser window to cast your VR to your PC - You will need to put your VR headset on briefly to do so.

These are the instructions!

  • Once you've done this and can see the display on your monitor, change the settings on the cast window to;

    • Widescreen Crop

    • Full Screen

  • The VR cast should then take up the full screen.

  • From here, switch back to Contribute, select the correct screen (if you have more than one), click the start recording button, then click back onto the cast window - this will allow us to capture your gameplay.

  • Put your VR headset on, and start playing/giving feedback

  • When you have completed your required session time, stop the cast, take your VR headset off, and finish the recording.

  • You'll be taken to a survey to complete, please take the time to answer this in as much detail as you can.

Tips and Pointers

  • We recommend charging your VR headset before you begin testing, it will require a full charge to last for at least 1 hour of gameplay.

  • Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection for the devices you will be using during this playtest.

  • If the casting is interrupted between your VR headset and your pc, it will be highlighted in your VR headset. If this happens;

    • Pause the game

    • Go back to your PC

    • Refresh the Casting Webpage

    • Follow the same process to cast again as instructed by that page

  • Please make sure you are casting to the screen that is being captured by our recorder.

  • There is a preview window on Contribute that shows which screen it is recording, ensure your cast shows in this preview. (see the screenshot in step two for an example of this)

  • Please also ensure that if you have the recorder on the same screen, that you click on the cast browser window after you have started recording - This is so that we can see the whole gameplay window.

  • Please make sure you follow the screen setup instructions in Step 4- this is to ensure we can see your gameplay properly.

  • We recommend setting an alarm or timer to ensure you play for the right amount of time, as we understand how easy it can be to get engrossed in the game!

Thank you in advance for your efforts, and if you have any difficulties with a playtest, from the game to our recorder, or with any of the above steps, please reach out via the little bubble in the bottom right of this screen or email us at:

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