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Details of how pricing and subscriptions work on the Go Testify platform.

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  • Platform Access/Subscription

  • How much does a test cost?

  • When am I charged?

  • What are my payment options?

  • Can I add a balance to my account?

  • How do I update by billing details?

  • Can you get discounts?

Platform Access / Subscription

Go Testify aims to keep access to the platform flexible for all customer needs. The core access to the platform to view tests is free to use. You only pay when you launch tests and gain feedback from players.


Our core tier used in the majority by game studios that regularly run play tests on multiple games from concept to post release.


For large game studios or publishers that have a testing framework in place in their organisation and have additional needs and requirements e.g. custom NDA, dedicated account management.

Indie Program

Most suitable for hobbyists or small independent game studios that have limited budget or are new to using play testing to maximise their chance of success on launch. Running tests on the indie program is completely free to use with Your Own Participants. It's a great way to get used to running regular iterative tests with friends, family or industry peers and start forming positive testing habits with your team.

How much does a test cost?

Here is an example of a usability test launched on the platform with each cost based on the recruitment type selected on the test.

1hr Usability Test with 10 of Your Own Players

$50 or $300 (with automated Intelligence)

1hr Usability Test with 10 Go Testify 'General' Players

$500 (Typical turnaround 24hrs)

1hr Usability Test with 10 Go Testify 'Targeted' Players

$1,500 (Typical turnaround 48hrs)

Remember - you can calculate the cost of any test by setting up a draft test on the Go Testify platform and using the handy cost calculator included.

When am I charged?

We developed our billing solution based on a pay as you use model. You only get billed on Go Testify when you get player feedback to make your games great. This helps when your facing build delays or do not yet have a consistent testing framework or dedicated budget in place across your company.

On Test Launch

Any test launched using the Go Testify Network to recruit participants will be charged up front via a checkout on test launch.

End of Billing Cycle

Any test launched using Your Own Participants will be charged based on the amount of feedback/recordings received for that test, at your next billing cycle each month.

What are my payment options?

Pay by Card

This is our default and most common payment option. Many card providers are accepted.

Pay by Invoice

This is available on request only. If you wish to avail of payment by invoicing, please contact for more details

Can I add balance to my Go Testify account?

Yes. Please contact for more details on how to add balance to your Go Testify Account.

Upon launching any test that requires up front payment e.g. Go Testify Network, your balance will be used against the test.

Note: If the balance is less than the total value of the test upon launch. Your default credit card on file will be charged with the remainder of any payment due.

Any balance on your Go Testify account will also be used against any charges occurring at the end of the next billing cycle e.g. a test using Your Own Participants.

Your balance will not expire on your Go Testify account.

How do I update my billing details?

When you login to the platform, hover over the navigation on the left and click Manage Billing in the billing patch. From here you can manage default credit card and address details.

Can I receive any discount?

Enterprise Contract

As there is a larger commitment made up front by becoming an Enterprise Customer, you gain the additional benefit of discount on recruiting via the Go Testify network and on our Automated Intelligence. Please contact for more details.

Bulk Purchasing

We provide the ability to bulk purchase our Automated Intelligence, providing excellent savings and value. Please contact for more details.

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